The Stylist Subscription Box - 019

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Our stylist subscription box has a little bit of silk and texture with a curated palette that changes each cycle. This subscription best fits someone that uses our hand dyed silks and textures for imagery and styling. Our goal is to provide an amazing box that you will grab time and time again on your shoots. 

What can I expect in a stylist subscriptions box?
At least four different luxury silks or styling fabrics.

Delivered in a gorgeous custom box right to your doorstep at an amazing savings for artisan quality (boxes will reflect a minimum of 25% off retail for styling goods).

Curious what colors you'll see in this month's box? See our latest color inspiration on our Honey Silks & Co. VIP Facebook page! 

Please note: Subscription boxes are billed 2-4 weeks in advance of actual ship date. All stylist subscription boxes are shipped around the 19th-22nd of every month. If you sign up for your subscription after the 12th of the month, you are paying in advance for next month's box.